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Dec 19th: The End:

Time to call it quits.  All in all, it was a late start to the fall run this year, but it ended up being not all that bad.  It's a bummer we didn't land one of those late-season bluefin this year, but we just didn't get out as much as we needed to.  With these cold-water inshore fish it's simply a numbers game.  The more time you chase them, the more chance you have of sticking one.  Keep in mind that these are really hard fish.  Very spooky and very pick.  Very difficult to set up and and just as difficult induce a strike.  After several years of doing this, I'm convinced that there is no best bait or technique.  It's pure luck.  That means being out on the right day and having a good number of fish come up within casting distance.  These are generally big fish, over the 100-pound mark.  Last year we managed two out of them.  The year before one.  I'm going to make it a point next year to dedicate the entire month of December to target them, as nothing is more challenging and visually appealing in my mind.  The bass fishing remained good well into December this year also.  The water is actually still in the low 50's if you can believe it.  I suspect it will be good for at least another two weeks.  But it's just to cold for us, so that's it.  I'll be gearing up for the spring run of bass in mid April, but also the early season tuna run in June, over the winter.  Doing the necessary repairs/upgrades to the boats etc. 

Nov 17: Bass Fishing Takes Off

Sorry for the lag in reporting.  We've been quite busy.  First off, the bass fishing close to home really took off last weekend, and it's been solid ever since (FINALLY!!!).  Clients have been catching school to small keeper size striped bass till their arms are tired.  Most fish appear to be in the mid 20" range but there are plenty in the 30 to 34" range.  Just gotta pick though all the schoolies to get one.  Pretty much lock and load on the fly and spin gear.  All you can catch really.  Offshore, there have been some very large tuna breaching, busting bait etc., but as is usual this time of the year, they are very tough to get on.  That said, we do indeed catch them.  But be prepared to do a lot of running and gunning and to fire a lot of shots.  And if you do hook one, better plan on being on that fish for a while, as it's likely gonna be a big one.  We'll be fishing well into December, so if you want to get out before the season ends, give us a shout.

Oct 25th:  Bluefin Return

After a slow day after the big blow, the bass returned in good numbers this week, and so did the bluefin.  A lot of stripers in the mid teens to low 20s are eagerly taking flies and plugs.  Offshore there are good numbers of bluefin relatively close.  They are generally fish on the school size, but some larger ones are being caught in the mix.  As we get later in the season, expect the striper fishing to get even better and for the bluefin to get bigger and begin populating some of their traditional inshore raunts. We have lots of dates available for the rest of the month, and into November (without a doubt the best month of the year).  Give us a shout if you want to get out:

Oct 21st: The Bass Run Begins

Very good bass fishing this week when the weather allowed us to get out.  There was one afternoon this week where the conditions were perfect.  Flat, with no wind at all.  Thanks to Chris Hessert who found some fish on the surface while running out to the tuna grounds, we got on some really good sized fish blitzing rain bait for a good two hours straight.  I'm talking acres and acres of fish.  Montauk style blitzes with dozens of fish literally rolling over each other.  And occasionally a horde of albies would come crashing though.  Good stuff.  I live for those sorts of days.  The weather has been really ugly since then though, but I'll be back out looking for them tomorrow, and Sunday and Monday I'm out looking for tuna.  The offshore reports are good!  Check back with us Tuesday if you want to know how we did.  And let us know if you want to get out.  We have open dates!  


Oct 10: More Albies!

Well...  I wouldn't say it's the best albie year we've had, but we are indeed catching them.  Just not as consistent as in the previous years.  Oddly enough it seems to be a late morning, early afternoon bite this year.  No idea why that seems to be the case as it certainly isn't tide dependant.  In other words we seem to have them on both the ebb and flow at the later hours of the day.  Regardless, we are getting them, and when they do come up, they seem to come up pretty good, and they are eating well.  But the big news this week is the return of the bluefin.  And they are now much closer than the fish we were targeting before the hurricane.  Give us a shout if you want to get on these fish, or of course if you want to catch these albies:  Oh yeah, and there are some monster bluefish and quality bass around as well. 

Sept 23: Grand Slam Time

In case you didn't know by now, the albies are in, just not very consistent. One day I'm on them good and the next, nadda.  the good news is that there's been a very consistent bass and bluefish bite.  So the opportunity for a Grand Slam is right now.  Give us a shout if you want to get out:


Sept 18: ALBIES!

No time to download photos, but man the albie fishing busted open today!  A ton of them!  And the bass fishing has been quite good also.  Numerous grand-slams.  Call/email us!  We have dates available.

Aug 22:

Man it's been a long time since I've posted a report.  A busy several weeks for sure.  We had some absolutely epic tuna fishing.  A day with Michael and Stuart Bressman resulted in well over 20 bluefin some well north of 100-pounds.  And then the very next day?  Nada.  That's the way it goes I suppose.  Lately offshore has been kind of off and on.  But aside from how the tuna act, there have been exceptionally large mahi around.  Some well over the 30-lb mark.  In fact we boated two just last Saturday that bottomed out my 30lb boga. One measured 50" and the other 52"...  Very, very impressive fish.  Certainly the largest I've seen in these parts.  That same day we must have landed 20 or so mahi, with many being in the10-to-15 pound range, but lots of rats.  Thing is, those rates will be much larger in just a few weeks.  These fish grow exceptionally fast!  Still no sign of albies, but I expect we'll see them soon.  Stay tuned.  

Aug 1:

Camera died on me yesterday, so no pics.  But it was pretty darn good offshore.  Best tuna fishing yet this year.  Not sure how many we actually landed, but we had a lot that either spit the hook or broke off after extended fights.  Most fish we landed were in the mid 40" range, but we certainly has some larger fish on that we just couldn't close the deal on.  This is the kind of fishing we had last year and I expect it will last at least until September. Give us a shout if you want to get out. 

July 25:

Sorry for the lag...Plenty to report since the last posting.  On the offshore front it's been pretty good.  I wouldn't say we're killing'em but we're sticking a good number of bluefin each trip.  Most fish are in the 50 to 70lb range, but certainly there are some hundred-plus-pound fish being caught.  Just not that many.  I expect that to change very soon.  Believe me when I tell you there is a ton of life out there.  Whales, dolphin, rays etc...  All feeding on an abundance of sandeels.  The stage is set.  It will likely go off soon.  Inshore, there are still some bass around but it's strictly a dawn thing, and it's strictly livelining.  Just can't catch them on flies when they are on big bait like that.  At least not when the water is so warm.  The number of cow-nosed rays around inshore is simply extraordinary.  As far as sport goes, these things are actually quite fun on a flyrod...  Hey, don't knock it till you try it.  But really, I'm focusing most of my energy offshore right now.  I'm guessing it's gonna get really good, really soon.  Stay tuned...  And ping us if you want to get out. 

July 11

The offshore fishing remained good up until late last week when the scallop boats left the tuna grounds.  Some fish are being caught on jigs and on the chunk, but it certainly isn't the lock-and-load fishing we had the prior two weeks.  That said, I really consider that early season run of tuna a bonus.  We usually don't get that sort of action so early in the season, and really, the only reason it was so good was because the scallop boats decided to set up shop in an area flush with migrating bluefin.  We still haven't seen many of the 100-plus pounders that are prone to show later in July and August.  Given all the warm weather and the steadily increasing numbers of sandeels out there, I suspect we'll see those fish very soon.  In fact, I'm just checking the reports and there are several really good ones of fish on the jig.  I'm back out there on Thursday...  Stay tuned.  On the inshore front, the bass fishing is extraordinary.  July is a month I certainly never had pegged for good striper fishing.  But the fish are around and consistently feeding on the massive bunker schools off the beach.  In fact, my boat has seen more 40-plus pounders in the last week than I've seen in my entire lifetime. And...  There's an unbelievable aggregation of large thresher sharks a mile or two off the beach on the same bunker schools.  We've been fishing them with 80-pound stand up gear...  Not exactly light-tackle, but that's want it takes if you want to actually land a 300-pound shark.  It's very cool.  These fish leap like a tarpon when hooked and man do they pull hard!  Ping us if you want to get out

July 1

Another good day yesterday.  Once again, we left them biting.  Please shoot me an email if you want to get on our tuna list...  In other words I'll call or email you when we've got good weather to make a run. It should only get better from here on out.

June 30

Insane tuna fishing on Monday. Took a bit to find them but once we did, it was lock-and-load fishing for a couple of hours.  Good stuff, and it's only gonna get better as the season progresses.   I'm back out tomorrow.  Ping me if you are interested in getting into what will likely be an epic tuna bite this year.

June 21

I've been terribly remiss in keeping up with the reports.  It's just been way busy.  A lot has happened since May 27th.  We've been spending plenty of time both local and in the flats.  Locally, there have been some insane blitzes on bunker just east of Breezy.  But it's been very inconsistent though, but when it's on...  Wow!   Had one day a couple of weeks ago where we had fish blitzing the entire day.  Stuck probably a dozen fish over 30-pounds with a few in the 40's. Big bluefish have moved in in the last week as well.  We're catching them on poppers up against the rocks as well as blitzing under birds.  The flats have been okay...  Not near as good as they were in late May.  But to me it's just real cool to be out there polling around in the quiet back-country.  We've even been sticking a few good fluke lately.  All this said, the the real news is the tuna bite.  It's started real early this year.  Haven't been out yet, but all the reports are positive.  Just about everyone thus far who has made the run has scored.  Plan on doing my first offshore trip as soon as I get the green-light on the weather.  Ping me if you're interested in getting on board.    


May 27:

Wow...  What a difference a week makes.  Finally some good weather and the sight-fishing just went off.  Once the sun came out the white-sand flats were really, really good.  Back in the Bay things kicked into high-gear also with fish consistently taking poppers up along the marsh line.  It's about freak'n time!  But back to the sight-fishing.  If you've never done it for stripers it's super cool...  It's more like hunting fish rather than fishing for them.  By far my favorite kind of fishing.  Give us a shout if you want to give it a try. 

 May 18:

Sorry for the late report here but I'm really just coming up for air today.  Over the last two weeks we've had some really good days, but we've also had some bad ones.  My primary complaint about this year is consistency.   We'll have one or two days of good fishing, than another two days of substandard action...  What are ya gonna do???  That's fishing I guess, but I'd have to admit that past years have been quite a bit more consistent.  We can blame in on the unseasonably cold weather, the big tides etc...  The bottom line is we just don't know.  As Capt. Vinnie says "humans are creatures of habit, fish aren't."  I'm quite optimistic that we're still a ways away from it peaking.  It's gonna break open very soon.  Keep in mind that we really haven't had much in the way of warm sunny days in May.  At any rate, here's the rundown:  There are a ton of grass-shrimp in the back bay, but not the usual school to low-range keeper fish up in the marsh flats.  Why that is, I simply don't know.   They were around in abundance just a couple of weeks ago.  There seems to be a good amount of bunker around, but they aren't grouped up well.  So, on the occasion I'm doing a bait trip, getting livies can be a chore.  That said, when I do manage to get a bait-well full of them, we're scoring.  But even that hasn't been as consistent as I'd like it to be.  The flyfishing has been tough, with some short-lived spurts of activity.  Unsurprisingly, this seems to happen on those few warm sunny days.  After this front passes I imagine we finally start to see the sort of fishing that Jamaica Bay has become famous for.  I'm guessing that's gonna happen this weekend.  Stay tuned!

May 3:

It's beginning to get really good.  Just not all that consistent.  One day the bay will fish well, the next day it won't.  But as you can see from the photos below, we're beginning to score some much larger fish.  Today we stuck two fish on the fly, well over the 20-pound mark.  It's only gonna get better... 

April 26th:

Well...  Last couple of trips were a little on the slow side.  All that rain dirtied up the water quite a bit.  Still we managed to stick a few good ones and as of this morning, the water was already beginning to clean up in the back bay.  There are a ton of bunker around.  Things should get really interesting in the next few days.  Stay tuned.


April 24th: Getting Better and Better

Left the camera on the boat, so no photos until tomorrow.  But it was pretty good today.  Unfortunately, nothing really happening on the mudflats, but we were sticking two or three fish on every drift in the deeper water for about 3 hours straight.  Some real good ones also.  Largest was 34"...  Most fish were right around, or above the 28" mark.  And it was an absolutely gorgeous day...  In the high 60's low 70's and no wind really to speak of.  This week I have Monday, Wed and Thursday available, and I just had a cancelation for Saturday.  Danny has Tuesday and Thursday.  Shoot us an email if you want to get out:      

April 20th: And We're Off!

After a a horrific winter fraught with cabin fever and endless boat repairs and maintenance, we are back in the water!  And man does it feel good.  Actually just splashed the boats today.  Capt. Danny found fish almost right away in some of the usual early spring spots.  A good sign of things to come.  The boats are ready to go and the fish are here.  Give us a call or shoot us an email and we'll get you out to shake off some of those cobwebs: