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NOV 29: recovering from sandy

As I write this we are a month out from the catastrophic eleven foot storm surge pushed through by Hurricane Sandy. Miraculously, the boats made it out with only minor damage, which is truly a miracle given the scope of the flooding and the boats that were strewn about our neighborhood, in the street, in people's yards etc.  Unfortunately, our house didn't fair so well.  We will rebuild.  As one can imagine, the storm had a significant effect on the fishing.  Water temps dropped precipitously in just a few days.  The nor'easter that followed certainly didn't help things. There is a LOT of debris in the water still, and many of the channels here have been completely filled it, thus navigating has been difficult.  The water has been murky and often smells of diesel and/or raw sewage.  Fortunately, it's cleaned up quite a bit in the last several days as big full moon tides have moved a lot of water out.  Consequently, the fish are just beginning to show up again.  Thankfully the herring have arrived and along with them have been some good November bass blitzes.  Back to where it should be this time of the year.  And while there have been several reports of inshore bluefin, the weather just hasn't yet allowed us to go out and chase them.  Perhaps this weekend.  Starting Sunday this week looks very good.  It is supposed to warm up significantly, wind looks like it will swing out of the right direction and the bass will likely be on fire.  I suspect we'll have good surface bluefin action next week also.  In closing I'd like to thank everyone for all the emails expressing concern and offering to help.  I'm sorry if I have not returned all the phone calls/emails.  As you can imagine, we've been quite busy cleaning up. Here's how you can help though:  BOOK CHARTERS.  We lost a lot of business because of Sandy.  But there's still plenty of time left in the fishing season.  And the fish are around.  Hope to hear from you:, 718 791-2094

Sept 30:

So sorry this page hasn't been updated...  Moved into a new house and things have been chaotic.  But we've been fishing just about every day the weather has allowed us to get out.  And It's been very good for several weeks.  The albies are in good both east and west and there are stripers on mullet and rain bait at dawn.  We've been getting numerous grand-slams just about every day we're out.  And offshore things have been pretty good also.  A new body of bluefin showed up relatively close, and the Canyon is on fire.  During this time of the year, it's just a matter of getting the weather to make the run.  In Montauk at the moment, but will post photos as soon as I get back. 


We had a few really good days these last couple of weeks, and one really bad one.  You know, the kind where you seem to the only boat out there not hooking up.  Just happens that way sometimes...  To the best of us.  Pushing that single day aside, we've had some really consistent tuna fishing on the jig.  It's a bit of a run to get to them, but we've been on them pretty good.  Ping me if you want to get out, or if you want to simply get on the call/email/open-boat list.


But it's still not off the hook. The good news is they are now taking jigs.  The bad news is you have to fight through a ton of bluefish to get to them.  And then when you do, watch out for the sharks.  They are very eager to get a that bite of  that sushi.  And if you are in to catching makos, then really, now is the time.  They are pretty much all over the place.  There are still a ton of larger bluefin south of us, so I expect we'll get a run of much larger fish very soon here.  Right now, we're still fishing on the same school fish. 30 to 50-pounders, with the very rare larger fish mixed in.  Ping us if you want to get on our offshore list:



It's been getting progressively better offshore.  Water temps are hovering right around 70 and there are lots of 40 to 60-pound tuna out there.  At times you can't even get the spread out before getting a knock-down.  Yet, we still haven't seen a run of those larger fish, which of course is to be expected as those fish historically arrive later in the season.  And we still aren't getting any love on the jigs.  All this said, I expect everything to change in the next week or so.  We should start seeing more and larger fish and they should begin to eagerly take jigs.  In fact, I'm betting that will happen by the weekend.  Please let us know if you want to get on our offshore list and we'll give you a call when conditions look good.  Shoot me an email at  Inshore, the sight-fishing has been good.  That is if you like seeing really large fish sniff at your fly and not eat it.  We actually had several days of superb sight-fishing conditions last week.  Bright sun, good visibility and manageable wind.  Even had good casters on board.  Must have seen thirty or so fish over the space of two days,  but only one take.  And man we threw the box at them.  That's just the way it goes with that kind of fishing.  Some times they eat, sometimes they don't.  Regardless, it's pretty darn fun just to see these big bass lumbering across a white sand flat and to get such shots.  Of course it's even more fun to see the mouth open, red gills flare and to come tight.  Next time I guess.  In Jamaica Bay proper, it's big bluefish city.  I mean crazy big.  Most are in the mid-teens.  Lots of fun on the fly and light spin gear.  There are some stripers mixed in also, but they are generally on the smaller side.  Amazing concentrations of sandeels so I expect these fish to stick around all summer. 



Did our first two offshore trips this year.  The first, not so good.  The second, not so bad, once I resigned myself to trolling.  As of this writing the fish aren't grouped up well enough to catch them on jigs and/or poppers.  I expect that to change very soon.  Remember that on the offshore front, it's still very early in the season.  At any rate, we didn't have our entire spread out before our two spreader bars just got exploded on.  Very cool.  It was a little tougher for the rest of the day, but we landed several more, with the largest running around 60-pounds.  And, there are gigantic albies out there!  Very strange to see these things so early in the year, but they are indeed there.  All-in-all, not bad for early June.  Like I said, it should get lots better.  Stay tuned...  On the inshore front we're still heavy into big blues and small bass on the fly.  If you are willing to drift bait, you can still catch some pretty big bass on the ocean-side.  And believe it or not, we're still having some pretty good action on poppers in the marsh, but it's not what I'd call consistent.  They are there one day, and the next they aren't. As we get later into the month, I'm going to be focusing more and more attention on the offshore stuff.  If this interests you, shoot me an email and I'll get you on the offshore list.  In other words, if the weather looks good and I'm planning on giving it a go, I'll ping you. 


Okay, so the bluefin part is hearsay.  Just haven't had the weather/crew to make the run yet.  Every time we get close the forecast throws us a curve-ball.  But they are out there, and they are pretty thick based on why my colleagues tell me.  So if you want to get on our offshore call-list, ping me and I'll certainly add you.  Hoping to make the run Friday and Monday, God willing.  Inshore we've had some solid bass fishing, but to be honest it's 10 to 1  bluefish.  The good news is that they are very large bluefish.  I haven't seen one under 10-pounds in a week!  The bay is beginning to fade out, and most of the action is on the ocean-side.  The water is actually crystal clear out there.  I mean you can see 20' down.  It's allowing for some awesome sight fishing.  But really, I'm just thinking about offshore right now.  We're all gear up and ready to go!  Give us a call if you want to get out. 


Believe it or not, there are bluefin around, and they are close!  Chased them around a few days ago.  The same sort of thing we have in the late fall/early winter.  Not easy at all, but big fish, in the 150 to 200lb class.  They were up good for an hour the other day.  Big pods of them, but very hard to get on them without spooking.  Then they started doing that annoying ones and twos stuff which will literally drive you insane.  You start with adrenaline and a great deal of optimism, which slowly turns to annoyance and eventually depression as the action slows. But thereís always the chance you could connect, then itís an insane surface strike by the fish of a lifetime and around a two-hour battle.  Good stuff! Perhaps the ultimate fishing experience.  Yes, the risk is often worth the potential reward.  And this just in...  Confirmed reports of far more catchable tuna on the off/inshore lumps are beginning to filter in.  Sure it's a bit of a ride to get to them, but we're gonna go as soon as we get a break in the weather.  Ping us if you want to get on our tuna list.  On the inshore/bass front, it was pretty good up until this moon.  Then it appeared to shut down, although I suspect it will pick up again in a day or two.  The good news is we were catching our first first of the year on poppers before the moon shut it down.  And a few really good ones at that. The weather has actually been quite cold.  When it warms and things settle, I expect the fishing will open up! We have dates available.  Shoot me an email if you want to get out:


April 20:  FULL ON!!!

Really good last few days.  All on the surface.  More details later, but wanted to post the pics.

April 20 (62).JPG

April 20 (36).JPG

April 20 (24).JPG

April 20.JPG



Lots of wind and colder weather this last week, but we stayed on them and managed to put together pretty good catches every day we were out.  But the big news really is what's going on in the ocean.  Lots of blitzing bass on herring.  Unfortunately, the big boat hasn't been in the water due to the lack of a slip.  But rest assured, it's going in in the next couple of days and we'll be on those fish for sure. Give us a shout.  We have dates available this weekend and the weather is looking pretty good. 


Get your sht together.  It's totally on.  Splashed the skiff today with Ken Jones and ran into fish almost right away.  These weren't you typical schoolies, these were quality fish in the 30" range.  And it's a very short run from the marina.  As suspected, due to the warm winter it's been an early start.  I suspect it will peak early as well.  We're actually pretty light on bookings until mid to late April.  So if you would like to get in on this early season action, shoot us an email: