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Our Philosophy:


We are exclusively a light tackle and saltwater-flyfishing outfit, and we take that designation seriously. We believe that  our particular approach to angling is not just about specific gear.  Instead, it encompasses an entire angling philosophy.  To us, light-tackle/flyfishing  means small boats, it means being stealthy and unobtrusive and, above all, it means having a conservation ethic. 


That philosophy sets us well apart from the other guide outfits in our area, who run large, tricked-out go-fast center-consoles, sometimes trying to fish 4 anglers at a time.  We believe that such an approach is is not in keeping with the closer-to-nature essence of light-tackle angling or saltwater flyfishing.  We don’t have a boat over 25’ in out fleet (Check out or boats).  For more insights on our philosophy, see McMurray’s Reel-Time column on what it means to truly be a “light-tackle” angler and “saltwater flyfisher.” (click here).


Where we fish:


Our light-tackle philosophy also governs where we fish.  See McMurray’s Reel-Time column on the subject: (click here).  We do chase false albacore, skipjack and bluefin tuna when they are around, or cast to blitzing bass and bluefish, but we do it from small boats and we do it in a unobtrusive way that offends neither the fish nor other anglers.    


Jamaica Bay Experts:


There are other guides who claim to fish Jamaica Bay and Lower New York Harbor and sometimes, they do.  But we are the only true Jamaica Bay light-tackle guide service that fishes the Bay thorough out the season.  Some go out to Eastern Long Island for most of the year.  We don’t.  Some make the 45-minute trip from Staten Island or New Jersey to occasionally fish Jamaica Bay.  Not us.  We are based in the back of the Bay.  If you want to fish with Jamaica Bay experts, fish with us.  We have over 30- combined-years of Jamaica Bay expertise.




Not in any sense of the word.  We are totally into live-lining menhaden (bunker) for big striped bass and bluefish, and we are taking customers live-lining more and more frequently.  See McMurray’s Reel-Time column on the subject (link).  But, we do it with light-tackle and we do it in a manner consistent with the light-tackle/conservation ethic.  We've also been running more and more offshore trips.  But again, like everything we do, we do it light. 


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