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Encompassing approximately 10,000 acres of salt marsh and located less than ten miles southeast of one of the most densely populated cities in the world Jamaica Bay is an extraordinary place. Since it was made a national park in 1972, the bay has been cleaned up dramatically, and now produces some of the best shallow-water action with striped bass, bluefish and weakfish on the East Coast.  Approximately 9,000-acres of park is designated as wildlife refuge and remains a prime bird watching area.  The fact that such prolific wildlife exists only a 30-minute cab ride from Manhattan is astonishing to those who have not had the opportunity to experience




The marsh is great habitat for several different types of baitfish, and these

critters undoubtedly bring the predators.  Channelization and deep-water

dredge pits created for JFK international airport (located in the northeast

corner of Jamaica Bay) make the area hospitable for large bait and big

inshore predators as well.  In addition, a vast network of creeks threading

throughout the marsh islands create some interesting opportunities for those

with the means to navigate them. 







The bottom line is Jamaica Bay is an extraordinary fishery, and we're

Jamaica Bay experts.  To read more about Jamaica Bay see

Capt. McMurray's feature article in Saltwater Sportsman Magazine

(Click here: Jamaica Bay SWS article)


Also check out McMurray's feature article on Jamaica Bay in Flyfishing in

Saltwaters: (Click here: Jamaica Bay FFSW article)


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