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Capt. John McMurray's "3rd" and related career is that of a freelance writer.  McMurray has written well over 100-acticles on fishing and marine fisheries conservation.    He has become a well known and well respected outdoor writer over the years.  In 2006 he won the Coastal Conservation Association New York Friend of Fisheries Conservation award (click here to see press release)

John writes the Resource Column for Flyfishing in Saltwaters and for 6 years wrote the NY/NJ Fishwire at  He is a regular contributor to Saltwater Sportsman, Sportfishing, Shallow Water Angler, FLW Saltwater and the L.I. Fisherman and has had feature articles and/or photography published in Saltwater Flyfishing, Tide Magazine, Nor’east Saltwater, Newsday and the New York Times.  Below is a sampling of McMurray's feature articles.  To see McMurray's conservation articles click here:  (McMurray's Conservation Articles)

To book a trip with Capt. John McMurray click here:

Salt Marsh Stripers

Lively estuaries can provide some of the season’s best fly-fishing for striped bass


Jamaica Bay. New York City's Hidden Jewel

Jamaica Bay offers a unique opportunity to sight fish for striped bass just behind JFK airport. Earplugs sold separately.

Extreme Fly-Rodding

Fly fishing in high surf and on sandbars for trophy stripers and blues is a far cry from the tranquil and serene trout streams that gave rise to this time-honored sport, but darn if it isn't fun!


Skinny Water Bass

Stalking Stripers on the Northeast's Famed Sod Banks


When Size Matters

Six tips for taking big fish among small bait


Rush Hour

Tracking tuna around the city that never sleeps


Poppers: Why they work and how to use them


Blitz Etiquette

A few simple courtesies will allow both flyfishermen and conventional anglers to fish a blitz of gamefish.


Polling vs. Trolling

Which method works best for Stalking Gamefish in Shallow Water





Saltwater Fly Fishing


Of Sinking Lines, Bunker, and Big Bass

The biggest, laziest stripers lurk beneath schools of mature bunker.  Here's how to get down to'em


Street Smarts

In waters surrounding New York City there are places where game fish are as abundant as stock traders on Wall Street










Salt Water Sportsman

Catch Stripers Near Structure on Poppers
When you have to first get their attention, pick a popper for the job.


New York Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin tuna in the New York Bight offer a worthy challenge.


Escape to Jamaica Bay

New York’s Jamaica Bay offers a refuge for anglers and fish alike, just a stone’s throw from the Big Apple.



Few spots rival Montauk, New York when it comes to producing wild fall action with the Northeast's top inshore gamefish.

Catches of Note

When the fish didn't fight much at first, angler Patrick Long and Captain John McMurray figured it was a schoolie striper; turns out it was a 15.5-pound weakfish. The fish, caught with a Deceiver fly on 20-pound tippet in Jamaica Bay, near New York City, would have thumped the current world record by more than four pounds.


Tuna Traffic Jam
Want to chase blitzing skipjacks, bonito and false albacore though a working urban harbor?  You'd better hurry up because they'll be moving on in a New York Minute. 







Easy Does It:

A guide to properly releasing some of our most popular gamefish.


Monsters of the Flats:

Shallow-water bluefish challenge light-tackle anglers


Skinny Water Stripers

Fish Northern Salt-Marsh Creeks for Superb Shallow Action


Fluke and the Fate of Fishing

How a small flatfish may change our management priorities








Site Fishing?  In New York City?

Believe it or not, there are white-sand flats just a stones throw from the city


Makings of a Marsh
Stripers, blues and more head up the Northeast salt marsh mix.


Poppers on the Rocks
When trophy stripers get finicky, make some noise.


Hit the Hatch

Grass shrimp are key to the Northeast marsh bite



Big fall stripers key on the peanut bunker run.






Capt. John McMurray on the cover of The Fisherman:  Capt. McMurray has written dozens of articles for the fisherman.  In fact too many to list here.