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Man, the offshore fishing has been really good these last few years.  There appears to be an abundance of bluefin on the near-shore grounds and yellowfin on the Canyons and we've become really good at fishing them.

As with everything we do, we do it we do it a sporting way.  We're not into trolling heavy gear (although we bring it along in the cause we absolutely have to). We fish almost exclusively spinning gear for these big fast and strong fish and man is it fun. We're even sticking a few on the fly now.  Speaking of which, there are usually a ton of skipjack out there and they are taking small tins and flies eagerly.  After the first dozen or so, we kinda get bored with them. 

We're currently running a 33' Contender anywhere  from 30 to 60-miles.  This is a fast seaworthy boat that gets us there quick.

Most of these fish are manageable also, meaning that we aren't fighting fish for hours at a time.  Generally they are in the 50-to-100 pound range.  Anything larger than that and the fun curve starts to bend south. 

And let's not forget about the mahi.  We've caught some real bruisers over the last few years, with a few in the 40/50lb range. 

It's really cool just to be out there!   The amount of life is extraordinary.  Sharks, whales, dolphins, sea-turtles etc.  Never know what you're going to see! 

 Please check out some of the photos below, and give us a shout if you want to get out there. 718 791-2094. 

Offshore rate is $1600. Certainly reasonable when split 4 ways and it's far less expensive than any other outfit running these kinds of trips.  Check for yourself. 

Be warned though...  This is not for the meek.  In fact, it's really hardcore.  We generally leave at 4:00AM and don't get back till 4PM...  But man if you like super strong and fast fish, it's well worth it.