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Fish 2.5 hours of the best fishing the day has to offer

and get to work by 9:00!

Not many experienced anglers will argue that the “magic hours” at dawn is the best time to be fishing.  Without a doubt this is the most productive period of the entire 24-hour day as this is precisely when fish are prone to feed.  During the last two seasons Capt. McMurray has been taking advantage of this by offering “pre-work” specials during those magic hours.  

Getting here is easy.  A train out of Penn Station will get you to Inwood Train station before the sun rises.  Capt. McMurray will pick you up there, where you will proceed to the boat and fish two-and-half hours of the most productive fishing of the day.  Then, you’re back on a train and in the city by 9:00AM, hopefully with a smile on your face.  Best part is you get to catch up on sleep on the way back in.  Driving or taking a cab is an option also, but the traffic getting back can jam you up quite a bit as you are driving in during rush-hour.  Plan on it taking around an hour-and-a-half to get back into the city if you are driving, and less than an hour if you take the train.  Most people take a car service here and then train it back. 

A few years ago during a Pre-Work Trip in late April, Salty Flyrodder President Patrick Long not only got a Jamaica Bay Grand Slam (bass, blue and weak), he caught the largest weakfish I’ve ever seen in my life!  Thirty-seven inches and 15.5 pounds!  This fish blew the IGFA record out of the water, but we released it as it was full of roe and we just didn’t have the heart to kill such a spectacular fish.  Check out the “Catches of Note” write-up in Saltwater Sportsman.

 These trips can offer pretty great, albeit compressed, fishing, and they are cheap!  $250 gets two anglers some of the best fishing the day has to offer.

To book a pre-work special click here: